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Teni x Phyno – “Power Of Cool”


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Teni x Phyno – “Power Of Cool”

Multi-talented singer Teni and indigenous rapper, Phyno have teamed up to create a monster jam titled “Power of Cool” for the brand to explain in detail the extraordinary power of the candy-sweet in making consumers feel cool, after being signed by Cadbury Nig. PLC as ambassadors for their candy brand, TomTom, to promote its influence, spread wider its reach and at the same time be a reason why music lovers take to the dance floor to shake their bodies.

The mid-tempo jam has a potential of becoming a “jam for days,” the superb voice of Teni adds a lot of vibes and the expertise of Phyno at infusing his dialectic rap lines in songs glares so much here as he delivers really hard.


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