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Home » Movies » Movie: The Antique Shop (2022) [Thai]

Movie: The Antique Shop (2022) [Thai]

The Antique Shop (2022) [Thai] Full Movie Download Mp4

Movie: The Antique Shop (2022) [Thai]
The Antique Shop (2022) [Thai] Full Movie Download Mp4

Download Movie: The Antique Shop (2022) [Thai] Full Mp4 blu-ray, 1080p, 720p, 480p, HD MKV.

Survive Wadi (Rio Dewanto) migrated from Indonesia to Thailand and worked for a criminal gang.

Wadi was captured by the opposing gang and tied to a chair inside a deserted building. How might Wadi survive from gang members and haunting souls? Half Second Singaporean man Ryan (Aloysius Pang) fell in love with a Thai woman (Pijika) and bought a bracelet for her. The bracelet lead him to an unfortunate event where he was arrested and later confined inside a police station. At the station, he confronted a shapeless evil spirit. This is Pang’s last work before he was conscripted and died during the training. Happy Birthday Korean boy Song (Bae Jinyoung) studied in Thailand and was bullied by 3 Thai classmates (Meen Piravich, Gun Setthapong and New Chayapak). Song came back to Korea with vengeance. One day, the 3 bullying classmates got invitation cards to Song’s birthday party, the party which was set up to take revenge.


Filename: The.Antique.Shop.2022. THAI.480p.WEBRip.x265 .AAC.mkv

File size: 139.97 MB

Duration: 01:28:38


Director: Suphakorn Riansuwan

Genre: Horror

Stars: Pijika Jittaputta, Jin-Young Bae, Phiravich Attachitsataporn

Subtitle: English


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