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Article: Letter To Rapists

Article: Letter To Rapists

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Article: Letter To Rapists

From the author of popular articles Agri Lost culture? and Glad Or Sad.

What is rape?
It is an action by a human monster or an ape
To sexually abuse someone’s mother, daughter, wife or babe
Or females In general of different shapes
Without her consent nor a means of an escape
Why forcing them like a slave?
If you really are a man and you are brave
Convince her and the way she will pave
She will even prepare and shave
Remember God’s judgement and the six-feet grave
Rape is bad let’s admit
Get some self-control and some wit
Convince her and her legs will voluntarily split
If she doesn’t consent, then retreat
Prostitutes are there to commit
Please rapists🙏🏿 Quit!!!
Agboola Moyinoluwa

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